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broke 100!


Not too bad!


 Doubled it!



my laptop's lag will be the death of me

I think beating 100 is possible in this mode, I might try and grind for it later.

a slight improvement

steady progress

Fun, interesting version! I think it's current WR?

Sure about that?

:) Wow, great score!


Is there any way to get around this resulting in a game over? 

Broke 100!

wow nice! this version is surprisingly difficult

i got it


So close!!


Just saying, there has been 14 reruns in a row.

hey sorry, i know it’s been a bit slow these days. i’m probably going to make more versions at some point but right now i’m working on other projects.


I feel like I understand the rotation system a lot better after this.


Finally broke 200!

dang that’s impressive!

I didn't know that there was a "Game ends in..." thing but I managed to hit it this run



sorry cant repro

Eked out 100 lines!


wow! it's worse than i expected /lh

it was going really well for a while there </3

nice! this version is definitely one of the hardest i’ve made

also, congrats on becoming the #2 highest scorer as of this week :D



throwing down the gauntlet for wenchiaooboyle >:)

Oh the gauntlet, I saw it and tried, but have not been able to breach 450


Really a fan of this mode


ok i have 987 score but i can't send screen shot so uh f

nice! i’ll put it up in the high scores, please tell me if you’d like me to credit you under a different name

Starting off the week with 490! 

woot woot

13² lines

may not seem like much but the mechanic gets you a lot

yeah i know right! it’s the worst

may as well drop a score for this one before it's gone too

300 lines

nice !

it's the z and s blocks that get you in the end

hold bug at 68, not impressive so i won't send a pic


idk a good start


late score, but here is one:

261 lines

nice score! is it for double tetrible?

(1 edit)

yeah, that's why it's a late score :P

also, would be nice to actually see some new versions again, that's what made it fun to actually check back here every week

yeaah i know, i’ve had personal stuff coming up these past few weeks, and i’m working on other projects atm. but i really want to make more versions eventually!



hold bug :(

i somehow replicated it?

and again?

it might have something to do with pressing space then pressing hold on the next frame to trick the game into thinking the piece placed was at the top of the board, but probably not



pinball is still my fav :D

but how


If you're asking how it's my fav, I honestly don't know. If you're asking how to score high, I would say mash drop until you're at the top 5 or so lines and then it's a lot easier to aim/force pieces into the corner to score lines more quickly. While you doing the initial mash, it's nice to make sure you have pieces stuck against the side so you don't have to drop stuff down into a void before you can score lines.


i'll drop a score again this week

594.1 lines

how do you go so ungodly fast! that's more than a line every other second :0

being good at tetris c:


pretty fun getting to experience all the versions i never got a chance to

congrats! i’m happy to see you’re enjoying the reruns :)

this is mid game and my controls stopped working for a hot second, but I found the secret area!



A solid score if I do say so myself.


played my very first round to timer so i'm posting it here. solid score imo


played a couple games to timer and my thumb is tired from mashing hard drop


yea this one really be like that


first time seeing the 'game ends in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,' didnt even know that was a feature in this lmao



panicked a bit at the end but I'm pretty happy with this one 

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