The floor is... lava?!?

A few people are following tetrible, if I am to believe the feature requests and complaints about how the game is bad (but in a good way). Since not everyone has Twitter, I figured blog posts would be as good a way as another to keep you updated on the development of this project.

Anyway this week, the floor is lava!

I really liked making this version, and I hope you will too. I’m trying to learn shader programming these days, so I made the lava myself. I don’t think I did too bad!

I also had enough time to fix some of the bugs and add a few features:

  • Pausing the game will now block your controls
  • SRS is now correctly implemented (I hope). I don’t see a difference from before, but apparently it matters to some of the Pro Gamerz
  • Doing an all-clear will now trigger an event correctly. In the next version at least, because if you drop all your pieces in the lava this week, you will lose. I’m also reworking the UI to not have the events block visibility as much, but it’s not ready at the moment.
  • Doing a hard drop now triggers a nice camera feedback with cute particles. I hope it’s not too noisy.
  • I’ve added a title screen for hiloqo, the games collective that I’m a part of. If you don’t know them, have a look! They’re all super talented!
  • Several people have reported a bug where holding a piece with a full board will top out the board. Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce it! Someone speculated that the tick timer doesn’t reset properly when you hold, but that wasn’t it. If you have any ideas or a way to repro consistently, please hit me up.

That’s it for this tuesday, enjoy the game and watch out for the lava!

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