a terrible spin on a very good arcade puzzler


a new game will be released each tuesday on this page! this week's version is "pinball tetrible" : what if you had to shoot pieces from the top of the board?


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move : ← →

soft drop : ↓

rotate right : ↑

rotate left : z

hard drop : space

hold : c

pause/resume : p

restart: r

change game mode : m

click a control to change it


current known high score (pinball tetrible) : 109 by afternoonman420

comment below or tweet me your screenshot at  @henriforshort if you beat this


older high scores (that I know of)

long tetrible : 542 by Kirby703

mini tetrible : 68.5 by nick666101

vertical tetrible : 101 by nick666101

letter tetrible : 149 by nick666101

twisted tetrible : 2000 by nick666101

repeat tetrible : 1200 by nick666101

lava tetrible : 703 by Kirby703

SUPERTRIS : 3000 by nick666101

double tetrible : 331 by nick666101

tilted tetrible : 4999.9 by nick666101

long tetrible 2 : 102 by ElectraMiner

vertical tetrible 2 : 100 by nick666101

mini tetrible 2 : 222 by nick666101

no touch tetrible : 424 by nick666101 (120 chain by nick666101)

narrow tetrible : 953 by Sunday

lava tetrible 2 : 274 by ElectraMiner

tilted tetrible 2 : 624 by Sunday

sticky tetrible : 130 by nick666101

foggy tetrible : 788 by Sunday

spinning tetrible : 130 by nick666101

fragile tetrible : 402 by nick666101

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, blocks, Parody, Tetris
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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i hate you, this is terrible, you're terrible, and the rage i feel is indescribable. very good work

i didn't realize i could still move them side to side. i hate you less.

this time a good score at a more reasonable time :P

139 lines


managed to still beat the previous version's score :D

402 lines for fragile tetrible

you’re late nick

that said i appreciate you leaving time for everyone to get high scores before submitting yours haha

better late than never right? i also still have a video for the tetrible before that one which i still have to process, i can be slow sometimes ^^;

also, was kinda curious if you had seen the new idea i had thrown at you like 2 weeks ago, since you never actually responded to said idea


I'm new around here but last and this week's have been so so so fun! gtg to work now but I'll be back >:)

Aiming is kinda wonky, especially with the long blocks, but I did it

nice one! yeah this one involved some trig and i got short on time… consider it a prototype that i’ll improve on when i rerun it :)

about something... idk what am i doing


(1 edit) (+2)

I got it! Oh well... Unusually high line count. Btw, I'm also a game-dev. The shaking is intense, to be honest. 

I thought the same thing about the shake but you honestly get used to it after a playing a couple of runs so it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

i know it’s a bit rough, but that’s what happens when you make games in a couple of hours. i’ll fix that for next week’s version :)

Well that was a long game: Fragile Tetrible

nice score! i don’t count high scores for endless mode unfortunately, sorry

fragile tetrible endless mode highscore

new fragile tetrible highscore. I didn't know the game had a timer and could actually end before i top the board haha


fragile tetrible highscore :)




Have mercy on those of us who just found out about you! Let us play the older versions somehow

one version at a time, that’s the rule! but don’t worry, there will be reruns of old versions :)

Not a bad performance for my first attempt, the screen shake is a bit intense though

WTF is that green piece(outside the board)

managed to up my highscore c:

130 lines

nice! what’s your strategy?

basically 11 high 9 wide stack, with room to place down a T that clears line 10


time for an actual proper score from me, which isn't easy this time

98 lines


i somehow managed to get a piece stuck outside the field



damn that sucks haha

it did end up rotating back in, but still weird that it happened

lmfao F and G did nothing to the game itself, cool easter egg btw

oops… not an easter egg, just my clumsy fingers

for the record, i realized last night that for the past couple weeks, f used to fill the board with orange pieces in a secret grade pattern, and i’m still amazed as how no one has noticed it


even if i'm not sure how doable it is, i got a new idea for you, based on a stop-motion video i was reminded of today:

the idea is basically that one piece every bag would behave like the water piece at 1:12, and it also shows shortly after how line clears would be handled with water, or whatever liquid you'd wanna call it :P

also just came up with the idea to name this one wetrible


800+ when




welp I want to ask a thing that what is the time limit in classic/zero gravity? and could you show currently pieces per second beside the board?

the time limit is 15 minutes. now that i mention it, i’m not sure how relevant it is to have a timer in zero grav mode.

i intentionally kept the ui on the lighter side (i didn’t even show the countdown), but i might change my mind on this at some point. i’m not familiar with the piece per second counter, is it like the amount of pps in the last 10 seconds or something?



too misdroppy


secret grade

but miss the GM+ chance

what is gm+? the double helix? are you saying you wish this event was in tetrible?

gm+ is basically a 20th line, with the pattern starting to go the opposite direction again, just like on line 10-11


frick hold kill me again and this time is L piece

and this is pretty easy for me that just normal stacking


And I could  play this mode and narrow infinity if no misdrop

i’ll need to fix this bug for real some day… and yes, i know this mode isn’t very difficult for people who know what they’re doing and can play really fast, but i have to keep some for the beginners too :)


is there any way to play the old variants? i quite enjoyed narrow (i think? the one that changed board width with each line) and i keep coming back hoping to see it again

hey irco, there’s only one version available each week… i probably won’t reupload narrow tetrible for a few more weeks, but don’t worry, you’ll have tons of new versions to play until then :)


some competition right off the bat… exciting!


let me start off this week with quite a nice score

541 lines


while the concept on this one is definitely nice, i think making both sides sticky made it too annoying to play a lot.

did get the record though with 130 lines


also had to do the secret grade while i still could


well done nick!

sorry you didn’t enjoy this week’s version so much… i’m always open to new ideas if there’s a specific twist on t*tris you wish you could play :)

will do when i actually have a decent idea again :P

(1 edit) (+1)
Please just use "OctaChora" on the leaderboard

no problem!


Beat it again



why not 626


(1 edit)

welp could you just use Sunday in leaderboard?



Deleted 32 days ago

wow that's a lot of line


Apparently this is first?


224 neat




decided to try my hand at this monstrosity and dam i never expected a score this high


this one feels kinda easy ngl





somehow i'm first! hi!

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