a terrible spin on a very good arcade puzzler


a new game will be released each tuesday on this page! this week's version is "vertical tetrible 5" : what if you had to score vertical lines?


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move : ← →

soft drop : ↓

rotate right : ↑

rotate left : z

hard drop : space

hold : c

pause/resume : p

restart: r

change timer mode : m

click a control to change it


reach a high score? comment below or on twitter  at  @henriforshort!


highest scorers:

nick666101 : 28 high scores

afternoonman420: 25 high scores

Kirby703 : 4 high scores

Turtkip234: 4 high scores

Sunday : 3 high scores

ElectraMiner : 2 high scores

pseudonym777 : 2 high scores

silverrush : 1 high score

bacchess: 1 high score

dalmationblack: 1 high score

wenchiaooboyle: 1 high score

smolbepis: 1 high score

Check out the full list of high scores here!

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, blocks, Parody, Tetris
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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Can you create the mode selector that they can play on all modes of this game?

hey there! you’re not the first person to ask, but the wait is part of the fun of tetrible :)





temporary high score!

nice! keep it up, i love seeing people posting high scores!

is there anyway to play the previous versions?the last one zig zag type was really fun


i only make one version available every tuesday, so this one won’t be around for a while… but you can get a new broken t*tris variant every week!



maybe somebody can crack 100 this week?

(1 edit) (+1)

Broke 200


wow nice! my best is 21 so far :D


gg :)


expand tetrible 3 moment - this will be beaten by someone else


This one took me so long to get the hang of it's really tricky! If you don't mind me sharing something that I found out that helped a ton: there are ways to rotate the pieces without them expanding. Before you spin, you basically have to place it riiiight against where you want it to land after it's spun. Then if it doesn't have any "room" to expand while you spin it due to other pieces being in the way, you can just place it there at the same size even though it spun. Idk if that made any sense it just made the game a lot more fun/interesting for me personally once I discovered it.

Ah, nah - the entire point of the photo was me trying to have the temporary best score at the time. I did know that since I did get a Z-Spin near the Game Over. :)

wow, i didn’t even know you could do that in this level! and i’m the one who made it 🥲

anyways, congrats deedeeen on your temporary high score, you won’t be forgotten! 💪


thank you for the (unintentional? still good balancing act though) bug hehe

& yep, thanks for the temporary history-marking reply ^-^

one misstep and then it's like the Kronk meme of "oh yeah... It's all falling apart"

Wow! Timed out this one :D


ignore my last comment


it gets so quick so fast lol!

it's very hard

I'll take it!




uhh world record i guess?


whew. very interesting!


r. a. g. e. still pb but :(


lmao i hate laptop lag


Last minute PB! :)

This one looks/feels different? idk how to explain it but it feels more sensitive to how long I hold down a side arrow and sometimes it goes one space too many before I drop it. Also the pause and restart keys are gone :0 

yup, it’s an old build. not every feature was present/polished. but don’t worry, next tuesday i’ll upload a more recent version!


let's submit this because why not! :D

you forgot to update the gif :P

also are there any plans to still actually have some new versions around sometime soon? i haven't been playing all these repeats anymore because seeing the new versions was what made it fun for me

Deleted 131 days ago

Hit the time limit for the first time!


ty :)

Spinning 2


spinning tetrible 2)


PB after about an hour

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