reruns and mini pieces - what's next for tetrible?

hello tetrible heads (note to self : find a better nickname),

you look great today and i hope you’re doing well! here’s a quick update on what you can expect from tetrible in the future.

first of all: reruns! i’ve been trying to reupload some of my favourite versions in order to give myself time to focus on other projects, as well as my day job and my personal life. people seem to be enjoying that, especially that second edition of mini tetrible, so i’ll keep reuploading old versions.

behind the scenes, i’m going through each one and fixing the bugs i didn’t have time to tackle in the original releases. i’m also reworking the codebase to make it even more flexible and easier to adapt to whatever weird rules i’ll invent in the future.

on the other hand, i’m also planning some exciting new versions! i was starting to run out of ideas so i asked for people’s opinions on twitter and wow, did they deliver. i think i’m set until the end of the year now, but if you have some ideas of your own please send me a twitter dm at @henriforshort or leave it in the game’s comments!

that’s it for this tuesday, enjoy the game and have fun with the mini pieces!

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